Welcome Fayetteville, NC

If your looking for a location to commune with nature, enjoy the Arts, visit fantastic museums, celebrate our Men and Women of Honor, do a little shopping, eating, or just to enjoy an evening out, Fayetteville, NC is the place to visit.

Nested between Interstate 95 and Fort Bragg, Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces, Fayetteville has a number of places to enjoy.

If you like to shop or eat, or maybe just take a walk in the park? Fayetteville offers many hidden treasures.   Got Kids !!  Fayetteville has things for them to do also.

  • Fayetteville is currently ranked as the sixth largest city in North Carolina.
  • The current estimated population of Fayetteville is 204,759

If you don't mind it Hot, and definitely do not want it cold, the weather in Fayetteville is great .
The sun often shines throughout the summer months. The Fall, although cool, presents you with a burst of foliage colors, and the winters are pretty gentle with 1, maybe 2 or 3, snow falls which usually quickly clear up in a couple of days, if not the next day.

Our Mission

Is to share a little bit of information regarding this great All American City, and provide a central point to visit when searching for Fayetteville,NC related information.

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